So Special

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New York Diaries


I co-wrote this song with the lyricist Dave Doyle. It's about one of those times in life that you share with someone. About the plans. About the future. But, you forget how young you are, how simple it is to make those plans without knowing what the future holds.

Take a listen. I think you'll get the message.

Coffee at Eight


This is about a boy and his Dad.

He used to collect his wages on a Friday. In the summer months, when I was off school, I'd tag along. We'd go to Bewley's Café, Georges Street, Dublin. We'd sit by the window while he had his coffee and I had my coke. He'd listen intently to my stories, my dreams, and what I was going to be. Never mentioning that what I wanted most was to be him.

Hope This song brings you back to good times.

Can't Stop


Have you experienced the loneliness of a breakup? Not knowing what to do with yourself. Being down and feeling you can't get your ex out of your mind. Until, that is, you realise.....hold on.....there's more to life than this.

Take a listen.

So Special


You know that feeling. The moment was there for the taking and you didn't take it. The chance that you allowed pass by. Maybe it was a beautiful person you were too shy to talk to.

You beat yourself up......what if, what if, what if.

I've been there and this is my take on it.

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