Hi my name is Jon,
Born and raised in Dublin Ireland. I was 14 when I started to play a steel string guitar and loved the sound and feel.
Realising after some time that I had a voice I’d play and sing popular songs from the radio. Then one day a world of discovery was opened up to me, writing my own songs, singing and playing guitar all at the same time. I was engrossed in this new talent that had found me and songs kept coming. I realised later in life that my talent mostly flourished at times when I should have been studying for exams. My mind just wanted to play and write lyrics. School didn’t hold much interest for me so my best and most in-depth songs came while attempting to study.
Most of my songs had taken about 20 mins to write. The finished product would be heard by whomever was unfortunate enough to be standing near me at that time. Mainly my parents or close friends or all of them together.
Not having many friends that played musical instruments it was down to me to try and make something of it. I played pubs and singer song/writer nights in Dublin city.
On the odd occasion while playing my set I’d have people join me, guys with guitars even a saxophone player at one stage. These were great nights, and the part that kept my attention was the bar owner handing me money when I was finished and saying “come back and play again”. This was the real pat on the back for me, not because of the money but because this was someone I didn’t know who liked what I was doing and these were the times that made me think maybe I’m OK at this.
I’ve always had a love for music and would chat to interested friends etc about certain artists and styles of music. I was always asked “what’s your style” and to be honest I could never answer the question. Always, I’m a singer song writer, easy listening, emotional mess kind of style but all in all I loved everything from Jazz, Ray Lamontagne, George Michael, Garth Brooks, Michael Jackson, Simply red, Sting, R&B, Dance and many many more styles but my biggest love was being up close and personal at an acoustic set.
I went on to practice Opera for a while with an amazing vocal teacher from South Africa. She was so good I ended up singing aria’s to a room of 250 people. Me standing beside a pianist and singing in Italian. That was a challenge but an amazing insight to the world of Opera.
I went on to join and sing with the Dublin Gospel Choir, who are an amazing group of talented people that get your blood flowing. To have backed popular artists from around the world and to have learned so much from this group of amazing people has been priceless.
From playing in several parts of the world such as Australia, Dubai, Boston, France, Spain, Eastern Europe, UK etc I know that music opens so many doors and allows you air your laundry without being judged. It’s a way of living. it’s a way of escaping for the moments if you allow it, if you’re a listener, a player, a lyricist or a producer music is something that heals and helps.
So here I am, sharing my music with you,
I hope you like my songs,  
Thanks for reading and hopefully listening,


A Little Bit About Me